Italy: Roma Onlus

Mission and Vision

Romà’s Mission is to promote good aspects of roma culture and roma capacity to interact with general collectivity by rediscovering and enhancing roma history and traditions and fight every form of discrimination.

Its aim is to support the integration process of Romany community through the empowerment of Roma and Sinti in different fields: education, cultural awareness, social and cultural mediation, support to employment. (more)...

Who we are 

Romà Onlus is an NGO established in 2008, based in Rome and composed by both Roma cultural mediator  (for the most part) and non Roma members.

Romà’s Method is active participation.



Romà Onlus

Associazione di promozione sociale

Via Altavilla Irpina

00177 Roma


PH. +39 346 4794836

OFFICE: +39 06 648 29 795