Poland: Harangos

Mission and Vision 

The main focus of our work is the personal development of youngsters and their social integration. We want to motivate young Roma to realize their potential, to broaden their horizons and to be mobile in order to become active citizens. Youngsters of all origins should have equal opportunities and deserve a chance for a better future.(more)...

Who we are

Roma Educational Association "Harangos" was created in June 2004. The organization brings together young Roma and non-Roma students and activists. The members come from various fields, such as education, art, sociology, international relations, or journalism and are interested to work with the Roma community. Harangos gives emphasis to the formal and non-formal education of children and youngsters. (more)...




Os. Teatralne 25/29

31-947 Krakow

e-mail: harangos@o2.pl


+48 663 956 077 – Izabela Jaśkowiak Director.

+48 733342725 – Karolina Mirga – International Projects Coordinator