Learning Partnership "Roma Youth Empowerment for Active Citizenship"

The learning partnership for "Roma Youth Empowerment for Active Citizenship" brings together Roma organizations experienced in adult education from 6 European countries for a two year lasting transnational networking and learning process. The main aims of the partnership are to to strengthen the foreign language skills, the initiative and the social and civic skills of young adult learners, Roma and non-Roma, to combat racism and xenophobia, as well as to improve the approaches and methods of staff and trainers in the field. This will be reached through local and national training-courses, actions, performances, summer schools, and debates, through international mobilities of staff/trainers and young adult learners to share practices and experiences and to transfer methods cross-borders, through networking meetings, through the establishment of ICT working tools such as an online intranet, webpage and video-conferences, and last but not least through the development of toolkits and a publication of best practices, needs and recommendations for educational institutions and policy-makers. more information

ternYpe European Youth Campaign for ALL in ONE society

The ternYpe European Youth Campaign stands up for mutual respect and responsibility of ALL in ONE society. We stand up against extremism, antigypsyism, racism, stigmatization and discrimination in Europe. As young Roma and non-Roma we want to take responsibility and show through our commitment and activism that intercultural dialogue and mutual respect between Roma and non-Roma are real and possible. The ternYpe campaign takes place in Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Spain. more information




European Roma Youth Summit

While hundreds of politicians and Roma activists gathered for the 2nd European Roma Summit in Cordoba in April 2010 more than 60 young Roma and non-Roma from across Europe organized the European Roma Youth Summit, which took place from April 7 to 9. In the framework of the youth campaign “Be Young! Be Roma!” the participants from 12 European countries presented their vision and their commitment to fight stigma and discrimination against Roma in discussions and in creative and artistic actions. They called for a greater participation of young people in society and in political decision-making. more information



The Roma Genocide
On August 02nd 2010 about 80 young Roma and non-Roma activists met in Auschwitz to commemorate the victims of National Socialism in the so-called "gypsy camp" at Auschwitz / Birkenau. As part of the commemoration event about 35 young Roma and non-Roma from Albania, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, Italy and Poland were brought together for a four-day seminar. In addition to the interviews of eyewitnesses and a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial the program included various discussions about the Holocaust, the backgrounds, the mechanisms of exclusion, racism and antigypsyism, with a special focus of its importance for the present.  more information



"Be Young, Be Roma" - campaign to strengthen the identity of young Roma

The youth campaign seeks to strengthen the awareness of identity, critical reflection and self-confidence of young Roma, who often have difficulties with their cultural background because of the ongoing experience of discrimination and stigmatization. We want to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices and show the diversity of young people and their lifestyles by strengthening the visibility of role models, empowering young people to take responsibility and developing mutual trust and respect between Roma and non-Roma. more information