ternYpe "Take Action"

After a successful International training in Kosice,  we managed to  strengthen the capacity and leadership skills of youth leaders and youth workers operating in the field of intercultural dialogue. Special attention was given to the equal involvement of Roma, non-Roma and other minority youth leaders. We used art as a tool in order to break stereotypes, to fights against discrimination to develop strong messages of political and social campaigning, to create an open space of intercultural dialogue and to develop the personality and capacity of young people. The aim of this seminar was to strength the leadership skills through different creative methods like theatre, artistic workshops and writing about our personal histories. The training course was challenging participants, new potential volunteers and youth workers of ternYpe to work better, gain new personal skills and grow higher. To discover their own leadership and develop it.

We found the “Heroes” inside of each of us, but more importantly we built new collaborations between Roma and non-Roma youth. During 10 days together we had the opportunity to discuss and express ourselves about our personal experiences in our respective countries. We brought a lot of good examples from our work, and examined what it really means to be a leader of a community. We also spoke about the living conditions for Roma people in each country. With the participation of 11 countries and more than 25 youth, after creative preparation, we started to “Take Action”. We performed  in Moldava near Kosice, where a large Roma community lives the theatre of the disable girls who felt the discrimination of the other people just to show to the audience even if you are in difficulties you can do the same life like normal persons. Ninxha “Take Action” was another performance which we had prepared throughout the week ,. We demonstrate to them than the change need to come from inside of the community. They need to be the Heroes. We performed also in the youth centre of Kosice “Youth On Move.” which was the name of the youth centre. We were trying to create a new generation of leaders in the communities, and to make positive change from inside. This was the message that we spread to the people. Part of our performance also involved participants from the audience. We enjoyed building the feeling together that there is a Hero inside each of us. 

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